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How to fetch?

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Hi friends...

I am creating a report for earnings in foreign currency. In that

there are some 10 to 12 G/L account numbers which are given by the user.I have to take records from bsid table belonging to only that G/L accounts. So how can I do this ?

I am thinking I'll store that g/ls in an intenal table & I'll compare each records (which i'll get from Bsid) with that g/l. Is it ok..... or I have to go for some other method.

Plz give me suggestion.....


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Hi ram,

select g/lno f2 f3 from bsid into internal table for all entries in (g/l internal table)

where f1 = int table-g/l number.

Hope this will help u



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how can I store given g/l numbers in an internal table

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R u going to get the numbers in selection screen ? or they r going to give particular numbers, if so , just give those numbers in where condition as hard coded values.

May i know that plz



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create a range table.

data: begin of GL_TAB occurs 0,

sign(1) type c,

option(2) type c,

low type saknr,

high type saknr,

end of GL_TAB.

GL_TAB-sign = 'I'.

GL_TAB-option = 'EQ'.

GL_TAB-low = g/l no.

append GL_TAB.

Clear GL_TAB.

continue it for all 10/12 g/ls.

and use it in SELECT query SELECT........... IN GL_TAB.

Reward if useful



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You can create the ranges and store GLs in the ranges. You can do as below :

Ranges : gr_hkont for bsis-hkont.

gr_hkont-sign = 'I'.
gr_hkont-option = 'EQ'.
gr_hkont-low = '0000123344'.
append gr_hkont.

Append all GLs to the ranges gr_hkont.

select <fieldnames> from BSID into table itab 
                               where hkont in gr_hkont.
                               and add other field if requires.

or if you have GL in selection screen.

You have do as below :

select <fieldnames> from BSID into table itab 
                               where hkont in so_hkont.
                               and add other field if requires.

Where so_hkont is the selection screen parameters


Sriram Ponna.