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how to extract the po data

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i have one problem in data extraction,my requirment is ,

i want to extract the transactional data that to be related to the Puchase order,but how to extract the data i am not geting,can any body have the dia kindly let me know.




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Before extraction, you should know what data need to be extracted from the purchase order. This is because purchase order contains lot of details.

Once you get the details, you can fetch the purchase order data from tables EKKO, EKPO, EKET, EKBE tables.



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Mr Ramakrishna....

If the FM is available... why do you want to write select statements...

Yes you are correct.. when a PO is created lots of tables are updated...

We will have to do select on many tables... may be we will have to Join query...

Instead this BAPI will give us all the details...

Am I correct Mr. Ramakrishna ????

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Hey Varun,

Using the BAPI is the best approach.

Only when we don't find the required purchase order details in BAPI, we can fetch data from tables.

I am sorry rammohan if I misguided you.



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Ramakrishna Ramisetti

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What I have understood of ur Quest it that you have a Purchase Order No and you want to extraact all the details for that PO ...

If this is the Quest.. Use this FM - BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL.

Just Pass the PO No. to it.

If your question is some thing else... please elaborate on this...

Please reward points if it is helpful.

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hi varun,

Thanks for reply,exactly the same what you under dtand,i will explain you ,

our data is already in the production sever ,but we need to extrct the data from the production server,and then we need to load the data into the another server(that is global server),i am able to extract the master data,but problem with transactional data ,like po,because of some of configarations is going to change in global server,we need to extract the data into excel,and then we need to load the data.can u pls send if u have any sample code,or any standerd programes for this issue,



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This BAPI will give you all the data that is related to the PO .. the PO Item data also..

there is one more BAPI .. see if this suits ur requirement - BAPI_PO_GETITEMS

Regarding the downloading to excel part... there are some standard FMs available that download the data in Excel sheet.

For Upload POs again there is a BAPI - BAPI_PO_CREATE.

Regarding Standard Programs .. Sorry my friend I am not aware of ... Experience is where I lack..

May be Ramakrishna can help or others can help.

Hope all this was useful...