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How to extract data into excel file from more than one internal table

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Hi Guys

I want to extract the data from module pool screen.

In screen there are two internal tables

1. header

2. items.

I want to extract the data as same format looking in the screen.

With simple Download FM we cannot do this one, because in this we will display as continuous rows.

<b> But my requirement is saving as table with heading, date, header details</b>

Note that it is not the simple down load . Suggest me with example coding


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Hi Guys,

I think it depends on which software you will use to see the result.

If U are using Excel, it's very easy to achieve it.

1. Define a structure as string, the lenth depend on your need.And use the structure to define a internal table, supposed is as A..

2. Concatenate the head data using some separator, for ex. a comma; and then add this into A.

3. The above step's concatenate is depend on your format for request;For ex, you want to place the date at the 4th cell in excel, that means you should put three separator before the date field.

4 Concatenate the item data into the download table.

5. Download the table to file.

6. Display the file, using your defined separator.

Hope this helpful.


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i m strucked with the same problem header and item....

can u give the string function ...

adding more than three lines into one string....


with regards