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How to extend Code Inspector checks?

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An article on the ABAP Code Inpsector in the SAP Professional Journal last year stated that "...extensible checks.." would be supported by the CI. Does anyone have more information on that? E.g.:

1) What versions of WAS will support implementation of such extensions? I have Mini WAS 6.10 installed, and can see no [apparent] way to extend the built-in checks.

2) Is there any documentation available on how to make such extensions?

3) Does anyone have practical experience making extensions that they'd like to share?



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Hi David,

I have the same problem. Searched the net but only found some general documentation on using SCI. Did you get some info in the meantime.



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you can easily extend sci checks and build your own checks. The sci is a framework so you can use the hot spots and hook methods or you redefine the methods. There are several ways to do it. Try this:

- discover the class / check you want to extent

- copy the whole class (y_.../ z_CL_CI.., or sth. like that)

- redefine / extend the methods

- put the new check in the test tree and you got it

I have some practice writing own checks. Perhaps can give some hints. It´s hard to give a complete "how-to" in this forum. Try the sap document ’How to Build a New Check for the Code Inspector’. It´s very short, but the most important points are mentioned.

Best regards


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Hello David,

CI Checks are all child classes of CL_CI_TEST_ROOT. The normal way to introduce a new check is to choose the base matching class in this hierarchy and to inherit from it. Of course not all classes are senseful.

After you have created a new check, you can en/disable it on the initial screen via goto/managment/checks.

Best Regards