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How to enter empty elements in uploaded XML data table?

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Hello ,

I have recently started working with XML and XSLT I am facing the below problem


I upload an excel file in which the user has deleted some fields and saved. I upload the file in a table containing XML data using GUI_UPLOAD.Now I try to use XSLT transformation ( from XML to ABAP) to get the ABAP data from this XML table. The transformation reads everything w.r.t position of the data.

CX_ROOT_DESERIALISATION_ERROR exception is returned. When I checked the uploaded XML file, I found out that the deleted columns' element are not inserted into the XML.

So I am tying to insert the deleted elements in the uploaded XML data table through ABAP . I am not able to get the logic of how we can modify the XML data using ABAP .Has somebody worked on this scenario ?

Thanks for your response


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Product and Topic Expert

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You have to first look at the exact error message to know the reason of the error ! (CX_XSLT_DESERIALIZATION_ERROR is only the first level, the exception object contains more precise data, like name of element concerned...)