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How to Edit the CheckBox in Classic ALV GRID Display

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I want to Edit the checkbox in Grid Display.

I have one checkbox field in my internal Table,

Code Of the Program,

Data :

Begin of itab occurs 0,

CHK type C,


end of itab.

Iam building the fieldcatelog using Merge Funcion module.

After that I am chaning the properties of the field

catelog like below,

loop at I_FCAT assigning <FCAT>.

Case <FCAT>-Fieldname

When 'CHK'.

<FCAT>-Checkbox = 'X'.


  • I dont have edit option in fieldcatelog.

modify I_FCAT from <FCAT>.



In the Layout,

I_LAYOUT-box_fieldname = 'CHK'.

I_LAYOUT-box_tabname = 'ITAB'.

It is displaying the Checkbox field.but I couldnt edit the checkBox.

I can able to edit in REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY.

But I have to use REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY.How to edit the checkbox.

Thanks in Advance,



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Check this

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Just try it.

<FCAT>-Checkbox = 'X'.


<b><fcat>-edit = 'X'.</b>

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EDIT is not there in the fieldcatelog.I tried this.

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Hi vasu,

The below procedure explains you to create a checkbox cloumn in the grid and allows you to edit i hope this will helps u.

The ALV Grid Control displays the cells of a column as checkboxes if the column is marked as a checkbox column in the field catalog.

•	Add another field to the output table in which you want to display checkboxes 
•	Define an existing field as a checkbox.
1.	Add a field to your output table: 
Data: gt_fieldcat type lvc_t_fcat.

Types: begin of gs_outtab.

Types: checkbox type c. "field for checkbox

Include structure <ABAP Dictionary structure> .

Types: end of gs_outtab.

Data: gt_outtab type gs_outtab occurs 0 with header line.

2 * Add an entry for the checkbox to the field catalog

clear ls_fcat.
ls_fcat-fieldname = 'CHECKBOX'.
* Essential: declare field as checkbox and
* mark it as editable field:
ls_fcat-checkbox = 'X'.
ls_fcat-edit = 'X'.

* do not forget to provide texts for this extra field
ls_fcat-coltext = text-f01.
ls_fcat-tooltip = text-f02.
ls_fcat-seltext = text-f03.
append ls_fcat to gt_fieldcat.



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If you are using the fieldcatlogue of this type:

types: begin of slis_fieldcat_alv.

include type slis_fieldcat_main.

include type slis_fieldcat_alv_spec.

types: end of slis_fieldcat_alv.

then the following alv_spec has the edit option:

types: begin of slis_fieldcat_alv_spec,

key_sel(1) type c, " field not obligatory

no_sum(1) type c, " do not sum up

sp_group(4) type c, " group specification

reprep(1) type c, " selection for rep/rep

input(1) type c, " input

<b>edit(1) type c, " internal use only</b> hotspot(1) type c, " hotspot

end of slis_fieldcat_alv_spec.



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There is NO EDIT Option in FIELDCAT of SLIS.

I checked it.