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How to do the reversal in the item level of a (delivery)document?

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hi friends,

Is there any way to put reversal, at the item level for the document already posted ?

Do we have any standard funtion module or BAPI to pass value from the editor ?

My task is, I want to do the reversal in the item level of the (delivery)document.

I tried with the BAPI - BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_REV_POST, but this is reversing the whole document. but I want to reverse in line item only.

please suggest me.....

Quick replies would be rewarded.

Thanks in advance.



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If you were able to reverse only a line item, then the document would be left out of balance, so you can't do that. You can create another document where one line item undoes the effect of the line item you want to reverse(make a debit a credit or vice versa) and the other one posts it correctly.


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Hi Rob,

yes, what you told is right. I want to do the same. I will first reverse the particular line item and will post the correct entry. but here, I need to do that for a huge number of document. It will be good if I pass the values using a funtion module or a BAPI to reverse. So, I want a Funtion Module or BAPI to process it.

anyway, after reversing the document, I am going to post the document with correct entry.

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So change booking :

-> reverse the items against one "interim account"

with bapi BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST or interface rfbibl00