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How to display employees of a particular molga via radiobutton in alv report?

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I have an ALV Report in the output which is displaying fields from 4 different infotypes (PA0000, PA0001, PA0002, PA0006). I've attached a screenshot of my selection screen below. I have 2 radiobuttons for USA and India (USI) employees. If i click on US radiobutton it should show only those employees which have molga = 10 and similarly for India radiobutton it should only show employees which have molga = 40. How do i achieve this?


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You should provide code of your SELECT statement using the [CODE] button

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Your question doesn't seem to be about the screen, but about how to select data from infotypes, to know who is working for US and for India. You should ask SAP HR people in your company where this information comes from. Also, tag your question "HCM (Human Capital Management)".