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How to define a user to raise sales orders in given sales office

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Kindly help.

We have a requirement that we need to restrict some of the users from creating sales orders in some of the sales offices.We have a scenario in which all the sales offices are assigned to single sales organisation.But in authorisation tab,we do not have an option to restrict the sales office for VA01(Sales order T-code).We can only restrict any off the below given parameters but no sales office.

-Sales organisation


-Distribution channel

-Controlling area.

Please let us know how can we define a user to create sales orders in only some of sales offices.

Kindly help.

Thanks and Regards


SAP Basis


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This does require programming. There is a user exit availble, I have seen this working.

I haven't got a solution for you, but the following search string should help you a bit further:



This document also contains some pointers (try to find this doc for your SAP version):

Hope this helps,


Found the code as well. Unfortunately the accompanying text is in Dutch....

[VNSG tips and tricks sept 2003|]

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Hi Syam,

1. The object V_VBKA_VKO is for Sales Activities(Authoriz.for Org.Data and Sales Activ.Type)

2. Filed VKBUR is the field for Sales office.

3. Field VKORG is for Sales organization.

you can design a role with this object. give the sales offices and for the sales organizations. then give this role to the users. for the transaction VA01, put the SU24 check for this object.

now the users can access only to those sales organizations & sales offices you have given the access to.

let me know if this is clear for you.



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> let me know if this is clear for you.

It looks clear, but I miss one thing, namely the part where the authority-check for V_VBKA_VKO is actually put in the code. You cannot manipulate checks in SU24 if they're not in the program code.....

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hi Jurjen,

its asumed by default that u have 'checks' in place ...

any way, its true that they should be in the program code...



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I experienced a similar problem with a previous customer and from there I knew that V_VBKA_VKO is not checked bij the program behind VA01 (and VA02, 03, 05, 41, 42, 43 & 45).

That's why I pointed to the user exit. This one does require programming before changeing SU24 makes any sense.