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How to deal with daemons as a batchjob

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We use the batchjob mechanism to startup a kind of daemon proces that waits for changes made by a certain application and puts other neccessary changes in the database. This deamon runs 'forever' from morning to evening until it is told to stop. So far no problem.

But now at this moment we have several of these daemon jobs so we have to increase the number of batch jobs allowed on the system because some other batch jobs are not supported at all because all availabe BTC's are occupied.

As increasing the number of available BTC's isn't the best solution i wonder if there is another possibility.

For example is it possible that if the daemon is 'sleeping' for 5 minutes that it can make space for another batch job.

Any help is welcome

Bertil Rebergen


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Are you sure that this approach is really necessary? For example, is it possible to perform this additional processing by starting a workflow when a suitable event is raised?

If a workflow event is not raised directly as standard, you can configure an event to be raised when a certain type of change document is written (assuming one is written).