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how to create the custom table?

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Hi, how to create the custom table and how to integrate the table with defferent R/3?

my requiremnt is i have to create the two tables and those i have to integrate with the existed R/3 and using those R/3 i have to update my custom tables .....can give me some idea?




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Use these navigations to create table.

open SE11 -> give table name->give all required information.

I hope this is the thing you are asking, rite?



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how to create the custom table

There are two approach in creating a table.

1. Bottom-up approach

2. Top-down approach.

Both are valid and you can choose which approach is suitable for you. I always use the bottom-up approach. Here are the steps to create the tables with this approach.

1. SE11 will take you to the DDIC and enter the name of the new table to be created. Let us say Zname. Click create.

2. Enter the short discription of the table and enter the field of the table. If it is primary key and you have to check the box.

3. Enter the data element and double click it, you will be asked to save and will take you to data element discription page. Enter the short discription of the data element and enter the information of domain like the length of field and type of field.

4. If you wanted to use the existing domain then its fine, or else, you have to create one. Enter the domain name in the data element page and double click it. Page will ask to save and jump to domain creation page.

5. In the domain page, you have to save the information which you have already given in the data elements page and check it. Before going to data element page, you have to activate the domain.

6. Go to data element page and save, check and activate.

7. Go to main table page and save, check, and activate.

8. Also, you have to save the technical settings of the table.

The table is now ready for operation. You can use it in your program or you can use it to enter information.

Check table: It is the table which will have all the information about the Foreign keys which are the primary keys in the check table.

It can be created by creating the foreign key from the main table. Click foreign key in the main table and it will take you to a page which will ask for table name and field to which foreign key relation has to be associated. Enter the information and you can create the check table automatically.

SM30 is used for maintenance of the table, that is to realease the errors occured during the creation of the table.

how to integrate the table with defferent R/3

Transport the Table to the another server/client/qas/prd

Kanagaraja L

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In two ways we can create the user defined tables

1. Top-down approach

2.Bottom-up approach

In bottom -up approach creating table.

(i).First you go to SE11, select object type as DOMAIN

and create the domains how many fields you want in the

DB table, after save and active.

(ii)Next you select object type as data type in the same SE11.

give the domain name and assign the corresponding

domain to this data elenent. like this you create as many

as you want.

(iii). Now we create the table .

Give name that starts with 'Z'.

after we give the fieldnames with data element.

Set first field as key field, save that table in a package.

after click on "technical settings", set the data class

as 'APPL0', and set the size category as 0. save and

active. then use

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Here are the summarized steps for Table Maintenance

1) Go to SE11

2) In Delivery and Maintenance TAB

i) Delivery Class as A ( most of the times)

ii) Data Browser/Table View Maint. as "Display/Maintenance Allowed"

3) Enter the required fields.

4) Goto Technical Settings.Enter the appropriate data

5) Then go to Utilities-->Table Maintenance Generator

i) Enter the Authorization Group (Varies from project to project...when no authorization required give &NC& )

ii)Function Group as "Table Name"

iii)Package varies from project to project

iv)Maintenance Type as "One Step"

a)Give overview Screen Number (Your own number..but remember)

b)Single Screen "Any number"(it can be 0 also)

6) Then click on the white color create button on menu bar(Create)

7) To view the maintenance Screen Transaction is SM30(There you need to give the table name)

😎 If you want to change the description of the fields,alignment,mandatory,greying the fields,Validations and many more

goto SE51 enter program name as "SAPL(TABLE NAME) EX:SAPLZH116 and enter the screen number what you gave in the step 5,iv,a.

9)If u want to have a transaction to table maintenance

a)Go to SE93

b)Choose "Transaction with Parameters" Radio button

c)Give the Package Name which is given in 5,iii

d)Give transaction as SM30

e)Choose Skip Initial Screen

f)In GUI Support Choose all the three options

g) In the default values Tab

Name of the Screen Field Value


VIEWNAME (Enter Table Name)

Save and Activate