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How to Create an Internal Table in Smart Forms

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Hi All,

Need help in

1. Creating an Internal Table which consists of multiple Fields from Multiple sap tables in Smart Forms

2.How to declare a currency & Quantity fields in Smart Forms

any help in this direction would be highly appreciated.




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to display currency ior amount...u have to move the value to a char variable and have to display it.

u can create intetnal table in smartforms thru Types option.

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create a table type in SE11 consisting of all those fields.

In the FORM INTERFACE declare a field of type <TABLE TYPE>. (you can include qty fields in the table type using SE11).

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You have to make a structure first of which type you want to create internal table. Then you can declare internal table in Global Definiton Part by using <b>like</b> of structur type.

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Hi Manoj,

1. Click on the global declaration and on the right you have got a tab called <b>"TYPES"</b>. In this place you can declare an internal table with fields from multiple database fields.

2. In order to display the currency fields, first declare the currency field <b>(ws_amt)</b> in the global declaration. then what you have to do is select the tab <b>"Currency/Quant fields"</b>. There give the same variable name <b>ws_amt</b> in the field name, in the reference field give <b>"DFKKOP-WAERS"</b> and in the data type select <b>"CURR"</b>.

Now your currency value will display.

Reward if helpful.



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Thank you for your immediate reply.

1) As you said, I can't convert into char as I need to do further computations.

2) Form Interface - When we declare the Internal table/Table type in the Form Interface we are facing the following error message.

"Context ....."

3) Regarding the Structure creation - We already created the Structre and calling in the Global Definitions.

But we are the following error message;

"Itab has no Header line" ....

Once again, I would like to put my question.

I want to take a few fields from Three SAP standard tables, VBAK, VBAP & VBEP and put it in the internal table.

Thanks in Advance,


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For this type of program, first u need to extract data from database into internal tables.So u need to do it thru program i.e, u have to write the code in se38 program and pass these internal tables to the smart form u r working on.

Go to form interface and declare the table names as u wish. For example t_vbak type vbak..

At last u have to activate the program and copy the function module name and call this name in the abap editor program and pass the parameters...

and then continue the remaining steps...

Reward me if it helps u....

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Hi Manoj,

1) You need not have to convert the currency value to char . Wherever you want to display the currency value, just assign the value to a character value and display the character value.

2) Can you specify the error you are facing when you are declaring the internal table in the FOrm Interface...?

3) You cannot put internal table with header line if you are using internal tables in smartforms.

do these steps:

In the Types tab of global definitions ,

create work area and internal table like this

types : begin of wa_tab ,

field1 type tab1-field1,

field2 type tab2-field2,

field3 type tab3-field3,

end of wa_tab.

types: itab type table of wa_tab.

Now in the global definition, in the global data tab,

define a global workarea and internal table as

work_area type wa_tab

int_tab type itab.