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How to create a report for open sales orde documents which are not invoiced

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Hi Experts this is urgent,

+pls give the Logic for document flow+

My requirement is create a report for sales orders which are not invoiced using the following table.

VBAK : sales order header

VBAP : sales order item

VBFA : sales document flow

VBUK for processing status

KOMV for duties value and sales order value

LIKP : delivery not header

LIPS :delivery note item

For information : In the header level the processing Status is indicated in the table VBUK field LFSTK for one sales order number. A,B , C are the possible entries.

Case A : When a sales order is invoiced we can display information on the header status :

Overall status : Completed and display a invoice number in the document flow. When the items of the sales orders are invoiced the process status is the following : Overall status Completed

Delivery status Fully delivered

Case B : An open sales order not delivered and not invoiced will have overall status : Open on the header and item level and will not have subsequent documents.

Case C :

When the items for the sales order are delivered but not invoiced the status will be u201Cfully deliveredu201D

And the subsequent documents will be delivery notes and good issue if the delivery note is issued.

With regards


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Have you see at VA05 Tx?


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Hello Ravi,

U neednot develop any report..

there is std report with txn V.02

or copy this and make necessary changes.

Reward, if helpful.