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How to Create a report for a particular vendor to get the purchase order...

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How to Create a report for a particular vendor to get the purchase order details and Goods received for specific purchase order and balance quantity....plz give me detail descriptionto do this....

i.e steps to accomplish it...plz ...


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Look in the tables EKKO and EKPO, you will find your data there. You can then go to the screens where the data is displayed, use the F1 Function key to get your technical information for the table and field names.

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Hi Raja,

first declare a parameter for purchase order no of type dictionary field type....

the go for a select query and select the desirred records by mentioning a where clause where <purchase order number > eq p_parm1(parameter you declared)

If the required entries for you is from two tables the go for FOR ALL ENTRIES addition of select Query..

Hope this would help you.


Narin Nandivada.

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You want to retreive purshase order details for a particular vendor. So assuming that you will enter a vendor (mandatory parameter) - follow the below procedure

1) Based on the vendor given go to EKKO table. Write a select query to get purchase orders (EKKO-EBELN) based on given vendor (EKKO-LIFNR). Document type would be 'F' for purchase orders.

2) For the purchase order numbers that you have got in the above step go to EKPO table for item details. (Map EKKO-EBELN with EKPO-EBELN).

3) To get the goods received and quantity details go to purchase order history table. Map EKPO-EBELN and EKPO-EBELP with EKBE-EBELN and EKBE-EBELP. You will get the GR and quantity details from EKBE.