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how to create a Dynpro Exit in my own report? (in 46c)

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Hi all,

i have written an report. the selection screen contains a tab strip for the parameters and select optios these are the standard parameters for the program. one of the tabstrips contains only a subscreen where customer specific parameters and select options should appear. i have done this in 47 with the screen BADI but in 46 they are not available. so how could i do that in 46?

there is the statement:


has anyone some example coding?

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Hi Steffen,

If it is a Z Report, then I don't see any need for an user exit or BADI for this. In the screen PBO module and PAI module u can write codes that dynamically filters the search help values based on the screen values. For this do as follows.

1) Use FM dynpro_values_read to read the field value in the subscreen based on which the other fields must show the search values(customer specific parameters).

2) Then code for the other fields ON VALUE REQUEST filled up with internal tables containing the appropriate search values.

3) You can use the FM F4_int_value_request for the same.

Thus, when the user selects a particular customer in the subscreen, other fields can show search helps based on this.

Bingo!!! This will work. Don't confuse yourself with BADIs and other exits.



Is it like you want to make the

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hi sam,

no its not an Z Report. it is in a namespace of our company. the progam i write will later be bundelt in an AAK package and the custumers install it as an own component. i need the user exits to manipulate the programm to the customers needs in some parts.

one of the parts should be the slection screen. i have some standard values on my screen, and if the customer needs other values , too , i show them on a "dynpro" exit....