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how to copy standard module program into zprogram

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how to copy standard module program into zprogram ? I copied program by using copy option but it did not copy code in the module statements, So how do it.

urgent plz.


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Hi Jyothi,

There are two Tricks in doing so....

1. Copy a prgram and all it's includes with Z addition to include program name.

2. Copy only required include Programs as Z and use remaining standard includes as it is. ( The includes where you are not going to do any modifications, Functionality of that includes can be used as it is) This will save your efforts.

Hope this will help you, for more clarifications.. give details on which I can create a test program and can explain you.


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Consider making your changes as a repair or enhancement to the standard program instead of copying it. That way, any future support packs that affect the program will show up in SPAU so you can check the impact on your changes.

If you copy the program - support changes are not applied to your copy which can result in issues like data corruption in the future.


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Hi Jyothi,

Goto SE38, give the standard program name and click the copy button in Function toolbar...

The system will popup a screen showing all the includes used with this program.. Choose the one you are going to modify and give the name of the new include.. thats it..

Thanks and Best Regards,

Vikas Bittera.

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I'd agree with Andrew... you should consider carefully whether you need a full copy of SAP code, or whether an enhancement to the original is a better way to go.

Having done an upgrade or two over the years, copies of standard programs can be a nightmare - it is much harder having to compare the local copy with the 4.x / 3.x original version and then re-copying the ECC version and reapplying all the right changes, as opposed to just reapplying the mods to the latest edition.

Another thing to remember is naming in custom module pools... all objects do not have to start with "Z"... the main program will start with SAPMZ or SAPMY, and the includes start MZ or MY, unless you are referencing SAP ones.