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how to copy function group from a different system ?

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I have a function group in a system A

I want to create exactly same function group in system B

when i am manually copying every function module, I see that in original function group there are too many includes that are standard reports

so i found the std function group which has all these reports so i copied it in system B and started to make changes to make is like the function group i want. here i assumed that the function group in system A was originally made by copying the std function group

but there are still many includes starting with LZ........... which are in A and i cant create them in B

can anybody advice how can i make exact replica of the function group ?

thank you in advance.


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Do not copy the LZ... Includes. These are generated INCLUDEs.

Just create the new Func Group in System B. Then create an Function Module into that new Func Group (including all parameters, etc).

As you save and activate each Func Module, the generated INCLUDEs will start to appear.

Once all of the Func Modules are copied and activated, you are done.

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Hi John,

Even after adding all the function modules, and LZ.... includes were getting created but...... some LZ...... includes are not seen in the copied function group in system B

I dont know when those LZ.... were created in the original function group

I am not able to activate my function group in system B as there are syntax errors.