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How to consume a customer WebService which is outside of SAPs network

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How to call a WebService-Provider which is running in a foreign/customer network? My WebService Consumer I created on a Netweaver AS 7.11 ABAP which is running in SAPs corporate network.

I think I have to use a Proxy-Server. But how I do that and what are the settings for the Proxy-Server?




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At a hoigh level, take the WSDL for the external web service and create a proxy in SAP using that. Once proxy is created you can call that from within your programs in SAP

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yes, I have created a "Service Consumer" which you call "Service Proxy".

But the problems is the SAP Firewall. I want to call an external "Service Provider" so I need to use a Proxy Server to pass the firewall.

So with the word "Proxy server" I don't mean the "Service Consumer" (I know how to create that). I mean a "Proxy" to go out of SAP corporate network.

But how can I set up a Service Consumer with this proxy and how are the settings for the SAP proxy?

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If the customer webservice is within a firwall, then you need to work with the other party to see how you can access it, I dont think you need to do anything on SAP's part

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I know every access information about the Webservice Provider and I can access the WebService when I am using SAP's Guest WLAN. But I can't access it when I am in the SAPs corporate LAN.

It is like the Browser. In the Browser there is a proxy defined (Proxy:8080). But how I define this proxy for the WebService Consumer which is running in the Netweaver AS server, not in the Browser?

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Now I am using a ProxyServer defined in my LogicalPort which I have created with the SOAMANAGER. I set the ProxyServer to: PROXY:8080.

But now there are other problems: HEre is the error message:

"SoapFaultCode:1 SOAP Header not understood Exception of class CX_AI_SYSTEM_FAULT"

I guess this is because of different system versions. The Provider is generated and depolyed in a SAP ECC 6.0 and the consumer is generated and deployed in a SAP Netweaver 7.11.