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how to change the attributes of GUI CONTROLS in my own program.

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hi all,

i just want to change the attributes of GUI CONTROLS in my own program.

for example `

How to set an ICON on my GUI BUTTON in the program?

so what's the mapping between CONTROL in the SCREEN PAINTER and variable in the program?


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use SET PF-STATUS. in ur program.

this is to set ur own status in the output.

u can add the BUTTONS etc in the status bar

reward if helpful


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sorry , i mean buttons in the screen .

and how to change the attributes of buttons in the screen, such as how to change an ICON of a button.

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Hi Chao Liu,

Ya , u first find out the PF-STATUS of the screen and goto that status and now u can modify the ICON u want .

Finding the GUI status of the screen


On the Standard Menu bar Goto ( Menu path) System --> Status

Now u get a pop-up System :status in that in SAP Data block u can find GUI Status. Now Double Click on that Status. It takes u to the Status of that screen.

Now click on the Display --> Change Button on the application tool bar.

If it is a standard GUI-status then it asks for the ACCESS KEY.

if it is a custom defined GUI Status then u can change the status .

reward if helpful


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thx again `

but the BUTTON created in SCREEN PAINTER is not the one that you mentioned above.

u mean the button on the tool_bar, but that 's what i don't want.