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How to change domain length in SE11.

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I am developing form ( Script SE71 ) .

My query is to write Company name at header level

and I am selecting that field from table ( T001-BUTXT )

and its domain length is 25. But I want to write different

company name's for that I required length of domain at least 30 charater or


.. So, how can I increase the lenght of above field or domain in data dictionary

I am thinking to change domain with another domain but really it is correct

way or any other to change field length.

Thanks & regards

Manoj Pise.


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Take one character field as per your required text length for Company code text .

Select t001-butxt in that field and display the same .

Thanks & Regards,

Sandip Sonar

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You should not change the domain in a standard table. Dependencies will be effected.

Instead declare a variable in your script , populate this and show the variable at header level.



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T001 is a std table and you should not allow changes on to such tables. Never!

in cases like yours prepare a funciton module with a custom ztable back holding company names text with company codes ..

i/p give the company code and fetch the name of the company with 30 or more characters. generally Funciton module is preferred cause it removes using of select and hardcoding in the programs.

In my opinion better to use a FM so that it can be used across applications to process the same.

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you should not change the std table,as all the depended tables or fields will be affected .

either u should create a structure with the fields u required and fetch the value and print them,

or in Ur sap script create a local variable of length 30 , and display that local variable in the from.


Manish Bisht