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How to capture a screen field in a userexit

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Hi Every one,

I am working out on an userexit.

The program name and screen field of eeind is different for me21 and me21n.

I tried to get delivery date ( which is not available in my exit interface parameters)

For me21 the program name is SAPMM06E , screen number is 120 and screen field is RM06E-EEIND .

But for me21n the program name is SAPLMEGUI , screen number is 1211 and screen field is MEPO1211-EEIND.

Therefore i did something like this in ur user exit


if sy-tcode eq 'ME21'.

ASSIGN ('(SAPMM06E)'RM06E-EEIND) TO <fs_eeind>.

else if sy-tcode eq 'ME21N'.



data : del_date type d.

d = <fs_eeind>.

unassign <fs_eeind>.

This is working fine In ME21.

But i am not able to get the same from enjoy version (ME21N)same logic is not working...

It is fetching empty value to Field symbol..

So it is also not giving sy-subrc = 4 etc.

It is executing but it is not reading value...

So any body can help in this regard wud be greatful to me.

Thanks in advance



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Can you try using d1210-eeind instead of MEPO1211-EEIND. The reason is that D1210 (or any other structure you know that will contain the EEIND value you need) needs to be defined in the program variable stack.

D1210 is definitely there, maybe you can find out in Debug if this is the value you want.

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In Enjoy version program names shows as SAPLMEGUI. But actually, this is not the actual program name which needs to be used. U have to get the actual one and use it which will solve ur problem.

Also, some of the user exits can't be used in Enjoy transactions. This is the reason normally we use 4.7C version & later as of now NetWeaver which supports everything.

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Try it by changing the screen number to "0014" instead of "1211".

Screen Field: MEPO1211-EEIND

Program Name: SAPLMEGUI

Screen Number: 0014