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how to cancel or change the background job which is scheduled

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hi all,

i want to know how to cancel the scheduled job.



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Take transaction SM37, select your job. Mark the line, push delete or in menu Jobs->change (CTRL+F11).

If the Job is already released, you have to switch back to scheduled, first (Shift+F6).



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Go to sm37 and look for the job you want.

After that select the job required and then just select it and use the buttons above to edit, delete, stop...

Hope this helps,

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IN SM37 select the job and press delete button.


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Select the JOBNAME>Job (Menu option)>Cancel active Job.

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i am using 4.6c version

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if the job is active and you want to cancel it , then go to job and select the menu item cancel active job. Alternatively you can double click on the job and go to Job details button on application Tool bar. This will display the process id and the application server name. Now go to transaction SM51 and double click on the application server name and select the process id. Goto menu process -> cancel with core. This will cancel the active job. If you want to stop the released job from executing then select the job and press released -> scheduled.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Suresh,

You cannot delete or change an active or ready job. You can only cancel it in such cases as explained by another poster before me. But if you want to delete a job that is scheduled or released, then all you have to do is, in SM37, enter your job name, user id = '*', select the check boxes for "Released" and "Scheduled" and deselect all others. Enter the date range to include the date when this job is going to run next(if it is a periodic job). Safest is to give a large range like a year or so as some jobs run only on year end.

Once you get the list, select and delete/change as needed.

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