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How to call a function module from debugger?

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Hi all,

i just wanted to know whether we can call a function module from a debugger ,

if yes how ?


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Put break-point at any statement of your program.

Now excute your program,it will stops at that break-point.

Now go to your menu Breakpoints >Break Points at > Function Moudle

Now give your function module name and Execute

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Please mention ur problem clearly.

Do u want to debug a function module ??.

If so after pressing F8 where u will goto test function module screen ,there u have the option(button) for debugging which will take u to debug mode..



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HI Lakshman

my requirement is not debugging the function module.

rather i was wodering whether we can try to call a function module which is not present in the program.

This can also be understood as placing our own (new) code which is not present in the program and executing it while debugging the program.....

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Hi Laxmikanth,

How ur going to call a function module which is not present in program???

In debugging mode u can change the values of variables,put break points and watch points,but i thnk its not possible to call a function module(not present in program) while debugging .

Please share with us if u have any solution...



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there are different ways to pass the control over

1) you can call a new screen

call screen scrno.

in that screen you can call wat ever FM u want to call you can call.

Thanks & Regards,