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How to auto populate User Parameters for User IDs based on roles assigned to the user

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Hello All,

We have a requirement to autopopulate mutiple user IDs with specific user parameter Values. For the initial setup, we can use SU10 and mass assign this to multiple user IDs. However, we would also like to automate this for new user IDs - which will ensure that users who are assigned specific roles automatically gets specific user parameter ID - values assigned. So my question is - Is there a way to link specific User ID Parameter values to Security roles so that users automatically gets it when a particular role is assigned? Appreciate your thoughts and inputs. I did search all over SCN but could not find any useful information/posts.

Thank you!


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this is not possible. Identity management solution can help you to achieve your goal.

More home made solution could be to run a custom program right after PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY. It would read role assignment for each user and it would update paramters based on roles.


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Hi, I would do as Martin said: create a Z program and Z table (to link roles and attributes, or attributes and values) and run this Z program in the step right after the PFCG*... or if you need it earlier, run it more often. There are some exits available, but I would prefer not to use them. We were "promised" BADI replacements for these exits, but SAP enver deliever as far as i know.

Cheers Otto