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How E1TXTH9 is created in WHSORD ?

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I have an Idoc WHSORD, type DELVRY03. Do you know how Idoc creates E1TXTH8 and E1TXTH9 segments.? In one case (comparing ID ) I want to make a copy E1TXTH8 in E1TXTH9. Are there any table where is information which type text will be in E1TXTH9 segment ?


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E1TXTH8 is filled with delivery header tests and E1TXTH9 with delivery item texts. Delvery texts, both header and item texts, are in table STXH and STXL with TDOBJECT = VBBK for header text and VBBP for item texts. In TDNAME is the delivery number for heder texts and detliery + item number for item texts.

Regards Jack