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how does place holder logic works in ABAP

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hello experts,

please tell me how the place holder logic works in ABAP development.

please provide me links if  its usefull to me. consider me fresher for this logic.

thanks in advance.


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Thanks it:) placeholders:)

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What exactly do you mean by placeholder logic...? is it like offset you are talkign about?

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Hi Madan,

Why should it be like an offset. The placeholder is just like a wild card representing charcters that are used to search something relevant to the user-input. I am not sure about the alogrithm that gets fired during its execution. May be Madan can put some light into this topic.



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Hi Tanmoy

Whatever you said and link you attached is perfectly right. I knew them by name of wild card characters...


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Hello Manoj,

We use placeholders extensively while working with message texts.

Refer these links.

ABAP Keyword Documentation

Messages (SAP Library - SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability)



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A message can take a max of 4 variables/place holders. Messages can contain place holders to indicate that variable information (if any) will come & sit there.Place holders are indicated by &1, &2, &3, &4.

Try these simple steps to understand better. ( vis SCN )

In SE91, Select your message -> Press "Long Text" button, to enter the long text editor.

Once inside the editor, use Edit -> Command -> Insert Command -> Symbols, you can enter placeholder variables like &V1&, &V2& there.

Once you output your message using something like MESSAGE Wxxx WITH 'TEST1' 'TEST2', then &V1& will be replaced by TEST1, &V2& by TEST2 etc in the long text that you get by double clicking the message in the status bar.


Mayur Priyan

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Hi Manoj,

Placeholders are used with macros also,

Refer the following link to get details on macros and how placeholders are used along with it.