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How do I record Auto logouts of users in SM20?

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What message ID will allow me to record and then read auto logout of users due to things like idle timeouts in SM19/SM20?


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hi ahadley

no message ID record that as per note 539404 (below the extract)

[52] Question: Why are not all events about the end of connections and logging off (leaving the system) logged?
Answer: Only certain logs work with a connection-based orientation (for example, RFC and DIAG, the SAP GUI log). In the case of HTTP, there is no continuous TCP connection. This means that a server does not receive any information when a browser is closed. Due to the error in continuous TCP connections, separate security session management has been implemented for HTTP (see SAP Note 1322944); this also supports an (inactivity) timeout mechanism that then triggers a logoff on the server side. In the case of a timeout-triggered logoff, no security audit log events are generated. The same applies for all communication logs if an ABAP server is shut down. It is therefore not possible to determine the duration of a user connection using Security Audit Log events.

You might try to use SM21 with ID R47 but it's not straight forward and it remains short lived... cheers!A