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How do I re-package objects into a change request

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Is there any way to save tables, structures, programs, functions, messages, etc. (each individually changed, saved, and released via past separate change requests) into a new all-encompassing change request?

Is there a easy way to add an object to a change request then add all its dependent objects (even if they haven't changed)?


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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In SE80 you should be able to click on any object in the navigator and choose More Functions->Write Transport Request.  This will force any object into a CTS. If you do this on a development class (Package in 620), you will receive a dialog that ask you if you want to move just the development class or all objects in the development class. This won't necessarly move all dependent object. However if you have been good about breaking your objects up into separate development classes, this will get you fairly close. We refreshed our production system's custom development from our development system one time using this method. We repeated this process on all our custom development classes and ended up with one large CTS with all custom objects in it.