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how do i know RFC executed in remote system

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hi Experts,

i am doing a integration synchronous scenario like , http to RFC through SAP PI.

here the sender is HTTP client page, and the Recever system is SAP ECC 6.0.

i am using a BAPI_GET_COMPANYDETAIL (RFC function module) in ECC 6.0.

here i am sending a request message from http. this requst message will send to ECC 6.0 throgh SAP PI. and the Function Module BAPI_GET_COMPANYDETAIL in ECC 6.0 is executed and sends the responce (Company details) back to the HTTP client through SAP PI.

but here my question is, how do i know the function module is executed in ECC 6.0?

are there any table updates in ECC 6.0, that this function module executed or failed?

is there any T code to know the status of the RFC execution in ECC 6.0?

can any body tell me... whats the way?




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Transactional RFC : tRFC

In the source system, you can use the administration Transaction SM58 that let you display and monitor the tRFC.

the tRFC calls are stored in the local tRFC tables ARFCSSTATE and ARFCSDATA

If the remote tRFC is executed successfully, the accompanying entries are deleted from the tRFC tables

If the connection cannot be made to the partner,this is logged in the tRFC table ARFCSSTATE,and the job is rescheduled

The default interval time for rescheduling the job is a maximum 30 times with a 15 minute interval

Check the Tcode SMQ1 for outbound Queue RFC.



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here i want to know the execution status of RFC function module on the remote system. even if it is successfully executed, is there any trace avalable in remote system that this particular RFC function module has executed in this particular time?. are they any log file s available? if it is so , how can i access it?

any idea?



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You will come to know that RFC is executed if it gives you the output; if it doesnt get executed then the BAPI return structure will be filled with the error message.

Hope this helps,

Best Regards


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Hi Kumar,

If your HTTP client called the BAPI in the ECC6.0 system and you also have a response being sent to HTTP client from BAPI, there it is quite obvious that your BAPI was called.

The response from BAPI will inform the caller, in your case HTTP client via PI, that whether your BAPI executed successfully or not.

Check these tables if you find them useful : ARFCSSTATE, RFCDES.


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hi Kumar,

when ever you call the bapi from other system it will give a "RETURN" structure (OTHER THAN COMPANY DETAILS ) if it is empty or the data filled in is with field name "type" comes as "S" then it was succefully ran other wise it will return with other types like "E" for error etc ... you need to display the same in your system .



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If asysnc - > If the BAPI fails it registers the error in SM58. Also as Ur using PI in communication channel monitoring u will have whether the call of the bapi is sucess or failure and also in sxmb_moni which u must be aware of.

If sync- > if BAPI return tab ur passing valid values for sucess and failure u will make out the outcome of the call.