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How can we write BDC program to upload data in to line items(VA01) ?

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Error in processing BDC table control program...

How can i populate data through bdc program dynamically, when some of the lines are in disable mode....

for e.g ...

in va01 transaction code ....

1 to 5 lines are not in disable mode....

but 5 to 10 lines are in disable mode...

so hw u process those remaining disable lines at runtime and populate data in to the fields of line items...through bdc program..


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For the VA01 sales order creation you can use simply the function module BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.If you populate the data into the internal tables and pass to this funciton module then BAPI will take care to create the sales order.

Thanks and regards,


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Hi shyla..

Thanks for quick response..

yea i know about Existing Bapi's....

But how can we solve it through explicitly writing bdc table control program....

Plz help me out..

Thanks & Regards..


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You want to change the disabled lines? I don't think you can.


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yea actually this question has been raised by interviewer ...

but just the same i replied as you did...

but he told that we can upload the data....towards in to disabled line items

at run time..with using change trasaction va02..with implementing bdc programm...

so i just want to know the steps of how to perform it..

Can friends..