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How can we put a tick in the BADI (HRECM00_CALCBASE ) for Multiple use

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Dear Freinds,

I want to put a tick for Multiple use in the BADI HRECM00_CALCBASE.

if we check from se 18 > HRECM00_CALCBASE >

i tried to put a tick in the check box of Multiple use in the attributes of the BADI .


iam able to edit in se18 however it is not allowing me to save after putting a tick in the check box and iam getting the below error.

Interface HRECM00_CALCBASE invalid for business add-in definition IF_EX_HRECM00_CALCBASE (cannot be saved)

Message no. ENHANCEMENT181

could any one let me know how to make multiple use checked ..




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Even I am facing the same problem have you arrived at any solution.

If any one has a solution to this kindly provide me with an answer.



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Hi Chandra.

You won't be able to do it.

The message long text says

The business add-in definition is characterized as a "multiple use"

interface, but you have used EXPORTING or RETURNING parameters, or the

BAdI interface contains other interfaces, or there are non-read-only

attributes in the interface.

What it means?

You are making it to have multiple implimentaiton. Say you create 10 implimentation.

All the 10 implementations are the exporting different values for exporting paramenters BSEDT, BSSAL, IS_OK, PROCESS_STANDARD.

How will the system know that which of the 10 values are correct??