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how can we devide a window into rows and coloumns

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i would like to devide a window into 3 rows and 2 coloumns and in second coloumn again it will devide into to 3 rows and 2 colomns.

so in that window if we create template how it is?

i need step by step procesing.

pls give me answer


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Eg.: Create a template of height 1 and width 6

Name From To Reference Height 1. 2. 3

Name:Line_name From:1 To:3 Reference: Height:1 then put 2 2 2

This would create what you want

This wil help!!



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Hi Syamala,

First create a new template for the window. Name it and give the width of that template. Then on the right pane click on template tab. Then you will find details button. Click on that. There you can create rows and colums to that template. There you will find reference, from, to, height, width options. Under reference give some relevant name to the row , from, to ( say 1 (from) 1 (to) for the first row , 2 2 for second row , 3 3 for third row ). under height column you mention the required height, then units for that and under the width option u mention the width of first column and its unit. Beside that mention the width of the second column and its unit. then you will get a window that gets divided into 3 rows and 2 columns. Repeat the same process for the second column where u can divide it into 3 rows and 2 columns again.