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how can i know a perticular quantity unit of measure is convertable or not

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hi ,

depending on the delivery quantity unit of measure (likp-vrkme).

i have to convert into M2,LM,VM.

i require 2 things.

1. for exanmple let the LIKP-VRKME = 'XX'.

how can i come to know wether XX is convertable to M2,LM,VM or all of the three.

2. i need a standard unit of measure function module .

Thanks & Regads

Suresh kumar


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The conversion factor between 2 measurement units are defined in the material master data: transaction MM03, or table MARM.

You have to maintain it for all the relevant materials.

For example with beer:

1 piece = 1 bottle

1 piece = 0,5 litres

800 piece = 1 palette



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hi ,

very good question...

the answer is the UOM must have same dimension...

ex: If you want to convert 1litre of petrol to some other UOM, the UOM which you are going to convert must have the same dimension .. in this case petrol is a liquid ... litre has dimension liquid... litre can be converted to Gallons, kilo litres, barrles.. etc

You can find the relationship in table T006 and filed DIMID... check whether all the UOM has same DIMID .. then go ahead with the conversion...