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How can I get and change the values of Withholding tax grid in MIRO trx

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Hi everyone,

I have a requirement where I need to get and change WT_WITHCD field in MIRO's Withholding tax grid. Is there a function module / Badi to do this? I used MRM_HEADER_CHECK, but the parameters related with this badi doesn't have this value.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks in advance!




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Hello Leonardo,

You can change that table with help of the filed-symbol in the BADI MRM_HEADER_CHECK.

LOOP AT ti_drseg INTO ls_drseg.

lv_index = sy-tabix.

LS_DRSEG-MWSKZ = 'I0' . " < For example

MODIFY ti_drseg FROM ls_drseg INDEX lv_index.


FIELD-SYMBOLS: <drseg> TYPE mmcr_tdrseg.

ASSIGN ('(SAPLMR1M)ydrseg[]') TO <drseg>.

<drseg> = ti_drseg[]. " this will modify the data in MIRO with your modified data


Naimesh Patel

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Hi Naimesh,

The ti_drseg parameter table isn't have the field WT_WITHCD related to Withholding Tax grid.

Thanks in advance!


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Oh.. I overlooked the withholding....

anyways, you can try this fields in the header I_RBKPV of the same BADI.

(I don't see any fields for withholding in the item grid.... So, I have suggested this header fields)

I_RBKPV-QSSHB Withholding Tax Base Amount

I_RBKPV-QSFBT Withholding Tax-Exempt Amount (in Document Currency)

I_RBKPV-QSSKZ Withholding Tax Code


Naimesh Patel

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I found a component of structure I_RBKPV called H_RBWS. It has the data which I need. Anyways, thanks a lot for your help!



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Hi, Can you please advise how did you change the tax value , as we have a similar requirement. Many Thanks in advance.

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Did you already look for BAdI such as MRM_WT_SPLIT_UPDATE ?

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Dear Raymond,

Thanks for your reply.

yes I already checked this BADI , however there is already an standard SAP implementation for that Badi , hence u cannot modify the code.

can you please suggest any other solution to change the withholding tax base amount on MIRO screen?

thank you.

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Then use a solution similar to the original one of this post, try to assign some field-symbol to global data of the main program

  • Structure RBKPV of SAPLMRMC seems to contain WH information 
  • substructure H_RBWS

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I tries with that solution I am able to change tax value in h_rbws , but later on SAP clears out the tax amount. I am further checking…