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How can I activate INSMK from MSEG in RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS?

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This is a similar question to what I was already asking, but I am making a new post due to the unfortunate event of having to discard yet another solution as not the right one.

I have a program ZRM07MLBE which has INCLUDE ZRM07MLDD (a copy of RM07MLDD) which has INCLUDE RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS.
That program of mine (ZRM07MLBE) has three radiobuttons that are supposed to decide what the output should look like depending on INSMK from MSEG ("the type of inventory")...

The thing is, that copied programs tell me I need to "activate" INSMK in RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS in order to be able to use it. This is what it looks like:

Here is what I tried:

1. Firstly - I have this nagging thought that all this hassle I am describing below might be pointless. The INCLUDE ZRM07MLDD (a copy of SAP's standard RM07MLDD) which contains the INCLUDE RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS, has the table (STYPE_BB5B_ADD) that RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS is supposed to populate with INSMK if I "activate" it… BUT does it even make any sense if I can simply remove the asterisk right then and there due to it being a copied program?

If it does and it should make INSMK available for me and my program doesn't work because I have hence troubles with my radiobuttons' logic - thank you for your time at this point already. 🙂


If that's not the case however, I tried those:

1. Quite obviously, despite what the comments tell me, I cannot just delete the asterisk (in RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS) and call it a day. Yet this is the solution that seems to be commonly suggested as I spent the last two weeks searching for an answer.

2. I cannot create an explicit enhancement due to the lack of SE20 permissions. None in my team can access that transaction either.

3. My implicit enhancements are simply ignored. This ENHANCEMENT-SECTION already has its own SAP's implementation which I can "replace" with my own. Everything activates, seems to work like a charm… and the output remains the same.
Here is the SAP's implemenation:

And here is my replacement

It is worth noting that both of these implementations appear ONLY when (upon entering RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS) I pick SAP's standard RM07MLDD as the "main program".

4. If I enter RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS and choose my copied program as the "main program" (be it either the base ZRM07MLBE or its INCLUDE ZRM07MLDD - which is a copy of SAP's standard RM07MLDD), there is no SAP's standard implementation of the ENHANCEMENT-SECTION and I can add my own implementation… which throws an error of "the table is already defined" (STYPE_MB5B_ADD table, where I am trying to activate INSMK).

5. I tried looking for Customer Exits in SMOD for the package 'MB' (RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS' package), but I can't find anything related to what I am looking for. And even if I did, I have no clue how to remove an asterisk from INSMK in RM07MLBD_CUST_FIELDS through a block of code somewhere else)

Thank you a lot for your time.

Kind Regards,