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how bw and abap are correlated

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can u pls tell me how bw and abap are correlated. What is the main differences between abap and bw.

In what way abap is useful to work in bw in realtime.

What basics of abap i should know to work in bw in realtime.

can you pls help me out.



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Hi Mujeeb,

ABAP is completely business orineted language. SAP provides all the features to satisfy normal business requirements. Even if the customer has additional requirements, then we go for additons in SAP, which are done thru ABAP.

BW is like a reporting tool, where the data from ABAP is extracted and put into BW and high level reports are made, which help in better decision making. Reporting is possible with ABAP also but, not at the level of BW reporting which handles complex reporting easily.

Hope this helps you.

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Chandra Sekhar

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1. in order to enhance the SAP's standart extraction methods. So you need to know how to make changes in structures and already developed abap programmes.

2. You can change the content of any field while you are laoding data to infoproviders. Especially in start routines, transfer rules and update rules. So you need to know how to change a content of a field in abap based on an algorithm.

3. In Bex queries also you can change a content of a field by using special type of variables.

Hope this helps.

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Sumit Agarwal