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Hot to get values from xml nodes with generic reference

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Hi All,

need an advice. I have an xml, generated by call transformation id - so, completely generic. In source data there was a table with fields as a reference to data.

result xml:

I'm tryinfo to parse the xml with ixml library. How can I get the referenced values, when I find the OLD_VALUE and NEW_VALUE Nodes. I can find attribute with

    DATA(lo_attributes) = node->get_attributes( ).
    lo_ixml_node1 ?= lo_attributes->get_named_item_ns( name = `href` ).
    IF lo_ixml_node1 IS BOUND.
      lv_value = lo_ixml_node1->get_value( ).

So, I have #d2790 in lv_value. But, how can I quickly find 800000.0 from it?

Thank you in advance

Best Regards


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I never tried it, but it seems you could use the method FIND_FROM_ID from the document.