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Horizontal scroll bar in maintenance view

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Hi all,

i have a ztable which has ony two fields id and description. Maintenance view exists for same.

Can anybody suggest me how to set 'HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR' for this view as sometimes description is too large and not able to see the description. plz suggest me.

plz help.

thnks n Regards,

Ashmita Singh


Former Member
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You can do one of two things:

1. When you are at the maintenance view, manually drag the right edge of the columns to make them narrower.

2. If you can change the maintenance view, go to the function group with the same name as the maintenance view (which should be the one automatically generated, such as from SE54), and then find the screen in the function group. Open the screen, click "Layout", and the SAP GUI painter will display the screen layout. Over there, click the upper-left corner of the table, and the control TCTRL_<your_view_name> will be selected. Open the "attribute window" or press F2, and then you can set the number of Fixed Columns. Try reducing the number and re-test the effect.