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Hierarchy Analysis Authorization does not work after transport

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Hi Gurus,

I am facing a issue in hierarchy analysis authorization in quality system but the same authorization works perfectly fine in development.

All hierarchy authorizations works in Quality except for this one. I found one old sap note describing this as program error but this note is not applicable in BW 7.3.

I have checked the table RSECVAL, RSECHIER and authorization is active so everything looks good. Please advise if anyone faced this issue after transporting hierarchy auths to other systems




Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Salman

Have you compared the version of the report between DEV and QA to see if it has been changed?

Try to trace via RSECVAL and compare results between the system?


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Issue Resolved. This was not security issue. The Hierarchy node technical name was not the same in Quality as development that is why the authorization was not working in QA.

Thanks Colleen. I really like your GRC recommendations/suggestions

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What I understood from your description is that you have same role+AA in Dev and QA, which provides access in Dev for all the nodes for said hierarchy but in QA, same role+AA provides access to the same hierarchy for all the nodes but one. Try to create a ZTEST analysis authorization in QA itself with access for the problematic hierarchy node and see if it works ? This will rule out the case if there is a difference in hierarchy in DEV & QA.


Shivraj Singh