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Hide/Delete lines from ABAP Query output when Quantity is 0

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Hi all,

I'm changing an existing abap query. My requirement is to delete the rows from the report output where qantity = 0.

I tried the following ways.

1. In SQ01, select the quantity field and check the checkbox for "Display only field <> 0", but this didnt worked as it will

supress the zero from display.

2. I tried to write code in the Infoset SQ02->Edit->Code. I wrote the following code "CHECK vbep-wmeng IS NOT INITIAL".

Here the problem is, the code is not executing in the test client. When I open the Infoset in test(i mean development test)

client the code is there, but when i execute the program its not working. I tried using "BREAK-POINT", program executions

does not stop at the break point. There is existing code in the event "START-OF-SELECTION", this code I'm able to see in the

query program opened through SE38. I edited the existing code and kept a break point in between, and now checked in the

program in SE38, but the changes are not reflected. I'm able to see old code only(even after save n generate).

3. Gave search in SCN, google etc.

Please note.

1. I'm not using any Logical Database in the Infoset. Its a simple join of 4 tables.

2. Query is created in the Global Area (cross client) not client specific.

Can anybody tell me what could be the problem and how can Over the above issues and achive the requirement.

Thanks in advance.

Edited by: Mr A on Feb 25, 2010 1:39 AM


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solved it my self......

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Dear Mr A,

Can i know how did u solve the issue even i'm facing the same problem.


Karan Bhasin