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hi regarding the change of attribute 'forward_wi' to 'X'

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Any one please tell me how to set the 'forward_wi' attribute to 'X' when it is set as ' ' ,when i run the mail send program RSWUWFMLEC. Is there any Function module to change the attribute.


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Hi Saisri,


your question is not clear.even though i am providing some solution. i hopwe it may help u. if not reply me.


Flag: Forward work item

Example value: X

Indicator: Specifies whether work items are to be forwarded as e-mails.

RSWUWFMLEC selects work items and creates emails based on those work items.

The emails are sent to the mail server by RSCONN01.

If you are not getting any emails then either:

  • Your variant/parameters for RSWUWFMLEC are incorrect

  • Your user attribute settings are incorrect - i.e. there is no-one found


the attribute FORWARD_WI = 'X' and a valid EBP email address

  • There have been no new work items in READY status created since the last

job run

  • You have no sender email address for the userid that executes RSWUWFMLEC

  • RSCONN01 hasn't run since the last run of RSWUWFMLEC - I assume you've

eliminated this issue.

Running RSWUWFMLEC with the option Log = All will clarify if any of the

other conditions are stopping you from getting the mails.

If the mails are being created then you will see them in transaction SOST

along with any messages if the send to mail server has failed, e.g. if the

email addresses used are incorrect.

If you want to set a common pattern to the email address for everyone then

use transaction SO16.



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Here the thing is if the attribute forward_wi is not set to 'X' then is there any techinique or function module to set the attribute to 'x' programatically. And i want to know throught which table it is getting the user attributes like forward_wi etc.