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hi experts what is UTP

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UTP means unit test plan....

Unit test plan means Code Walk through...After development of object, code walk through needs to be done & even try to break the code while executing for errors..Also check EPC etc....

Steps to be followed for UTP.

UTP : Unit Test Plan. Testing the program by the developer who developed the program is termed as Unit Test Plan.

Two aspects are to be considered in UTP.

1. Black Box Testing

2. White Box Testing.

1. Black Box Testing : The program is executed to view the output.

2. White Box Testing : The code is checked for performance tuning and syntax errors.

Follow below mentioned steps.

Black Box Testing

1. Cover all the test scenarios in the test plan. Test plan is usually prepared at the time of Techincal Spec preparation, by the testing team. Make sure that all the scenarios mentioned in the test plan are coverd in UTP.

2. Execute your code for positive and negative test. Postive tests - to execute the code and check if the program works as per expected. Negative Test - Execute code to know if the code is working in scenarios in which it is not supposed to work. The code should work only in the mentioned scenarios and not in all cases.

White Box Testing.

1. Check the Select statments in your code. Check if any redundant fields are being fetched by the select statements.

2. Check If there is any redundant code in the program.

3. Check whether the code adheres to the Coding standards of your client or your company.

4. Check if all the variables are cleared appropriately.

5. Optimize the code by following the performance tuning procedures.

Using tools provided by SAP

1. Check your program using EXTENDED PROGRAM CHECK.

2. Use SQL Trace to estimate the performace and the response of the each statement in the code. If changes are required, mention the same in UTP.

3. Use Runtime Analyser and Code Inspector to test your code.

4. Paste the screen shots of all the tests in the UTP document. This gives a clear picture of the tests conducted on the program.

All the above steps are to be mentioned in UTP.

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UTP is unit test plan which you have to create in ms word to show how your program is runing step by step

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