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Help with userexit_save_document

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I create a new tab in sales order head information called addational data .and i put a component named 'add_address' . My problem is when I click the save button. the 'add_address' will be saved default value when it is initial. otherwise, it will be saved with input value.

Now what I do is :

Form userexit_save_document.

if xvbak-zz_address is initial.

xvbak-zz_address = 'defalut address'.



but it didn't work...

anyone can help me?


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You need to populate the updkz field of XVBAK structure to 'I' Insert or 'U' update.



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Bhanot ;

thanks for your advice.

but I did it in Call function 'mcv_statistics_order' after.

in call function 'mcv_statistice_order', the exporting xvbak is what i expected ,xvbak_updkz is 'u' but when the program finished. the table values is still not changed.

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Maybe I got the answer.

vbak and vbap is not additional tabels .So I think I should use userexit_save_document_prepare instead of userexit_save_document.

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I needed to find an user exit for FV60 transaction code,

tried everything that was listed thru SMOD.

Has anyone done this before....

If so, would really Appreciate your input

Thank you