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Hi Experts!

I have added a screen with one field to one of my applications (using the BDT). The field is an I/O field.

The screen layout is ok. I used the following events; ISSTA, ISDST, DSAVB, FCODE, DLVE1 and XCHNG. I didn't use the ISDAT event as I think it's optional (not sure!). I also assigned the screen field to the DB field.

The problem is that the program is not reading the values I put in. I debbuged in all the events and its just empty. If anyone has had this problem before or any suggestion please help.



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You need to write a fm for dsave event. ISDAT is needed when you want to display the field value after creation.

Thanks and warm regard,


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Declare same variables in the calling program then try...

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In the PAI, add someting like:

field your_field
  module check_input.


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Thank you all for your help. As an ABAP novice, I made a number of mistakes in the customising;

1. I had a program and a separate function group in my view with the PAI and POB in the function group and the screen in the program. The screen should be in the function group and there is no need for the program, I just had to add 'SAPL' to the function group name and that will be the 'Program Name' in the BDT 'Views' settings.

2. I didn't call the PBO and PAI modules in screen flow logic:

Process Before Output.

Module PBO.

Process After Input.

Module PAI.

3. I had different names for the field in the BDT table and the database table in the BDT setting

Assign field to DB

I hope this will be helpful to someone out there especially the ones new to ABAP.


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