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help on Call Transformation

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i have created a RFC and thru that i am submitting a report and calling that RFC in my EP.

i make use of the FM "WWW_HTML_TO_LISTOBJECT" so that data mirror image of my report is also displayed in my portal.

But the problem is i can't control it, For eg: if i click on "download to excel" it isnt working properly.

how should i overcome this problem.

Once Mr.Raja (one of the sdn member) suggested to use

"call transformation" method, can you be specific to that, how should i use that in ALV report. where should i write "call transoformation" method. A sample code would be helpful.

Thank you


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<b>Call Transformation</b>

is for transforming XML using XSLT into a xml/html/abap itab, etc formats.

of transforming abap itab to xml format.

you cannot convert the html returned by your program into your required format using this mechanism.

if you want to use this feature , then your report should be returning XML output.

possible tranformation scenarios

from XML to XML (only for XSLT), 

from XML to ABAP (for XSLT and simple transformations), 

from ABAP to XML (for XSLT and simple transformations), 

from ABAP to ABAP (only for XSLT), 



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ok how should i go about achieving it

what do you suggest me.

see thru RFC i am submitting the report and inturn calling that RFC in EP so that i get the exact result as ABAP.

can you pls guide me.

i am getting the output in internal table ITAB in FM.