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Help needed in Logical Database Programming

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Hello Gurus,

I am working on a Report on ASSET ACTIVITY BY DATE RANGE .

The program is copied from std. program S_ALR_87011990.

The above std. program displays for the whole financial year. This is modified for a particalar period range in the new leveraged program.

My question is in the below code.

We are fetching data using LDB ADA. The statement "GET anlcv" works fine here, I mean Sy-subrc is 0 and anlcv structure has some data in it.

When it comes to statement "GET anepv" in the below code, we are not getting any data into that structure and sy-subrc NE 0. Then it is skipping all the get statements and directly going to statement " PERFORM abga_simulieren.".

My logic lies in between this Get statement and the perform statement. When i see it in debugging mode my statement is not executed at all.

What needs to be done. Please anyone help me.


GET anlcv.

CHECK select-options.

MOVE anlcv TO sav_anlcv.

GET anepv.

CHECK select-options.

Nur Bewegungen des Jahres des Berichtsdatums durchlassen.

CHECK anepv-bzdat GE sav_gjbeg.

CHECK anepv-bzdat IN so_bzdat. "Added for SIR-3132

Bewegungen in SAV_ANEPV sammeln.

MOVE anepv TO sav_anepv.

APPEND sav_anepv.

GET anlb LATE.

Check auf Bestandskonto bei Gruppensummen erst hier, wegen

fehlender Abgänge/Umbuchungen


IF NOT anlav-ktansw IN so_ktanw.




ANLCV aus Save-Area zurueckholen.

CHECK NOT sav_anlcv-anln1 IS INITIAL.

MOVE sav_anlcv TO anlcv.

Abg-Simu: Abgang simulieren.

PERFORM abga_simulieren.


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1) delete line CHECK anepv-bzdat ge sav_gjbeg.

2) test with an asset , which has movements (purchases) in your intervall so_bzdat.

otherwise post a movement (e.g. transaction type 100) with tcode abzon