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header for alv block list

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Hi experts,

im trying to build an alv report with block, and after some hours i finally get how it works but the report has 5 blocks .. and 1 header for all the report...and 1 title for each block

the thing is that for each block theres are their events.. so if i use the TOP OF PAGE that good for each block title, but how can i put a general HEADER for all the report

its something like this

Report 0001 DATE

title 1(top of page)


title 2(top of page)


title 3(top of page)


so... guys im kinda a noobie in alvs so i apreciated any ideas...

thans in advance


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try to code event TOP_OF_LIST

see example program BCALV_GRID_01

regards darek

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thx darek,

but im working with alv LIST blocks .. and each block has top of page and top of list...

im looking for a top of list , for say, of all the report, of all the blocks...


thanks in advance

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Check the demo program BCALV_TEST_BLOCK_LIST

Select the TOP_OF_PAGE & TOP_OF_LIST check boxes in the selection screen and see the results..

this might help you.

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Thank you Avinash but if you do that, there will be a top of page and a top of list for each block.. i need a kind of top of page for all the report.


thanks in advance

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Try this [Top of page in alv block display|]