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Hard Code text in main area of the table in smartforms

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In my requirement, I want to print hardcode text in the main area of the table.

hardcode text in the fifth row please check image.


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I suppose you are talking about feeding value into the fifth Column and not fifth row.

Usually remarks will be part of footer and they cannot exist as column in the table since they are one common information for the entire list. Check with your business if you can bring the remarks column to Footer where achieving your requirement will be much easier.

If you still wanted that to be a column then it should be part of your internal table. Declare the fifth column field as string and then concatenate the static statements along with dynamic value and populate there. Ensure this statement exist only for first row and for all the remaining rows the value needs to be empty.Then using the normal concept in smart form you display it.

Hope you got the logic, let us know in case clarification needed.


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I don't understand your proposal for the fifth column. How do you split the long text on several lines?

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No am not asking him to split it into several lines, rather asking him to maintain that value only for first entry. All other entries should have empty value for that field. But this will make the form clumsy, going for footer will be better.

Yes, clumsy, exactly. To be clear, if you don't split the text and the text appears on the first line, then the second line will appear very low, there will be a big space between first line and second line, unfortunately.

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Fifth column, not "fifth row".

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Let's show the image "form7.jpb":