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Hi all,

i am downloading the data using gui_download in 4.7 version.I am able to download bu the header part is not downloadable.for ex say:

name age sex

amit 24 m

ashu 33 m

i am able to download the data but the header part(name age sex ) are not downloading.In "download" we have fieldanmes option but in "gui_download" i am unable to do that.So please can anyone help in will be great for me..



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have the header alone in a itab.

and the data in another itab - itab2.

download itab (the header one)

now download itab2 (data) in append mode to the same file name.



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Two ways you can do this.

1. Have the header as the first line of the internal table.

2. First create an internal table which only holds one record with just headings. You already have an internal table for data and download this to the same file location and name in append mode . Set the import parameter "append = 'X'".



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While downloading file, u wont get the header part, u have to append the header part before the data. Then u pass the final output table with header to the function module.

So that it will read the first line that will be header and then remaning data.

U can create an internal table.

TYPES: begin of ty_itab ,
  name(4) TYPE c,
  sex(3)  Type c,
 end of ty_itab.

DATA: i_itab type standard table of ty_itab,
      w_itab type ty_itab.

Then do as below.
 w_itab-name = 'NAME'.
 w_itab-sex  = 'SEX'.
 APPEND w_itab to i_output_final.
 i_output[] = i_output_final.
 APPEND i_output_final.

Now pass this final table to the functionmodule, so it is now with header.

Hope this helps.