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Getting Unit Price from Net Price by dividing with Quantity.

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Good Day Guys,

I have a requirement, wherein I've got to find the Unit Price Per Item, by Dividing Net Price with the Quantity.

Currently, Quantity field (MENGE) is of type QUAN.

Let me tell you what I experience when i divide by type QUAN:

I have Net Value : 87405.32

I have Quantity Value : 2.000 (Data Type - QUAN)

When I divide ( 87405.32 / 2.000 ), I see that I am getting, a value which is 43.72.

( It should acutally be, 43702.66 ).

So, On seeing the value 47.02, I multiply by 1000 and I now get the value 43700.00

Now, I see the Decimals, the Units, and the Tenths, are all replaced by zeroes, by doing so. This still is a problem, cause I don't get the exact value of 43702.66

I guess, I need to find a function module that will change this quantity of 2 which of type QUAN to Integer, in order to get the exact value.

Would it be possible for any of you, to give me a suggestion as to what i can do, to obtain the exact value, and if there is any function module that will convert QUAN type to Integer.


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**Check this code



amount like bseg-dmbtr,

quantity like bseg-menge,

unit_rate like bseg-dmbtr.

amount = '87405.32'.

quantity = '2.000'.

unit_rate = amount / quantity.

write unit_rate.

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I don't see the problem - I get the correct result of 43702.66. What type's are using for your variables?

DATA: lv_qty TYPE BSTMG VALUE '2.000',

lv_price TYPE BPREI VALUE '87405.32',

lv_result TYPE BPREI.

lv_result = lv_price / lv_qty.

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Actually, I did not explain well i guess.

What is happening is that I am getting these values, from an excise table,


For Net Price, from table J_1IEXCDTL.

This has, Field : EXBAS,

Data Element : J_1IEXCBAS

Domain : WERT7

Domain WERT7 is of type, CURR.

For Quantity this, from table J_1IEXCDTL.

This has, Field: : MENGE

Data Element : J_1IMENGE

Domain : MENG13

Domain MENG13 is of type, QUAN

So, if you do lv_result = lv_price / lv_qty, then you won't get 43702.66. Instead, you'll get 43.72.

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        • I still don't understand why r u not getting correct answer


amount like J_1IEXCDTL-EXBAS,

quantity like J_1IEXCDTL-menge,

unit_rate like J_1IEXCDTL-EXBAS.

amount = '87405.32'.

quantity = '2.000'.

unit_rate = amount / quantity.

write unit_rate. "43,702.66

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Then move you data from the table J_1IEXCDTL to local variables and then do your calculation?